Used Agricultural Tractors For Sale

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An Overview of The Agriculture Tractor

Agricultural tractors are farmers’ constant companions. Whether you need to mow or cultivate the land, prepare land for livestock feeding or harvest crops, build a fence, or transport heavy equipment, an agricultural tractor is needed.
Tractors are indeed a great tool vehicle for improving the productivity of farming or agriculture! They reduce all the tiring jobs of farmers that they used to do earlier manually.

Buy used agricultural tractors for sale to greatly improve your agricultural productivity and scale up further.

Farm Tractor and Its History

Before tractors were invented, farmers had no option but to do everything manually. For more physical tasks like plowing, they used steam engines for power supply.

However, those machinery were not only dangerous because they could explode anytime but were also difficult to move across the land.

The first tractors were made in the late 19th century by improvising the steam engines and powered them with gasoline engines. This incredible move was made by John Froelich. He is the inventor of the first gasoline-powered with forwarding and backward gears.

Clearly, these powered tractors came out as hybrid vehicles with the design adapted from the steam engine and used only one cylinder engine.

The tractor makes the lives of farmers easier! They provided adequate traction for mechanizing various tasks of the farmers including tilling, plowing, cultivating, harvesting, etc.

Farm Tractor Types and Uses

If you are a farmer and need to buy an agricultural tractor, get to know about the various types of tractors and their uses to make the right decision.

1. Compact Utility Tractors:

It is the most common and multi-purpose tractors used by farmers. They are high-powered vehicles used that can pull various types of equipment like harvesters, tillers, etc. They are specifically used for small or mid-sized farming for their affordability.

2. Row-Crop Tractors:

Packed with high power, these used row-crop tractors are famous for their great benefits such as good ground clearance ability, ability to work in all weathers, and optimal row spacing.

3. Rotary Tillers:

These are used for breaking lumps in the soil and preparing it for cultivation. They are useful for smaller fields.

4. Garden Tractors:

As the name suggests, these are used for lawn maintenance and other small basic tasks of farming.

5. Orchard Tractors:

These are used in orchards and have certain heights so that fruits can be plucked from trees.

Buy an agricultural tractor for its versatile uses, which can help improve your agricultural productivity by a manifold.

  1. Plowing the soil with minimal effort
  2. Cultivating the soil allows the air to infiltrate and water and nutrients to percolate to the roots
  3. Mowing the grass, especially in lawns
  4. Harvesting the crops, vegetables, and fruits
  5. Transport soil, bricks, fertilizers, and other agricultural resources from one place to another
  6. Cleaning unwanted bushes and dense weeds
  7. Spraying pesticides over the crops

Characteristics of Farm Tractors

When you buy agricultural tractor in Canada or USA, you might have to consider something beyond a basic tractor to ensure its usefulness in a wide range of farm activities. Being a prospective farm owner and buyer of a tractor, you should just check off a list of things to buy agricultural tractor in USA. The list includes the following features:

  • Ease of use
  • Power or engine
  • Transmission type
  • Hydraulic control
  • Power take-off horsepower
  • Three-point linkage control
  • Quick as well as short turning ability
  • Adaption to the common row-widths
  • Greater clearance ability

Transmission Types

Like the different types of tractors, the transmissions in the tractors also vary. Transmission types are useful to understand which one is apt for your specific farming activities.

1. Gear speed transmission:

It is used for locking a tractor into one speed and is ideal for use in uneven and sloping terrain.

2. Hydrostatic transmission:

This is applied on low-powered tractors while riding lawnmowers. It provides absolute speed control and is extremely smooth to ride.

3. Power shuttle transmission:

This is a standard mechanical transmission that combines electronic controls and hydraulic clutch packs.

4. Power shift transmission:

This has widespread applications and is used for shifting gears of tractors by using maximum power without the clutch.

5. CVT transmission:

CVT or Continuously variable transmission combines hydrostatic with mechanical transmission and can seamlessly shift the power to vehicle wheels through different speed ranges. It is known for its ease of use and fuel efficiency.

What to Look For When Buying a Used Farm Tractor for Sale?

Buying from a list of used agricultural tractors for sale can be complex. Make sure to do some research and get a checklist of factors to look at before buying it so that your hard-earned dollars are not wasted.

  1. Characteristics of the tractor ideal for your farming activities
  2. Land area, terrain, land conditions (soggy, dry, or wet, etc.), and drainage
  3. How long do you want to or plan to use the tractor?
  4. Type of transmission you are comfortable at
  5. Your budget
  6. Who is the previous owner of the tractor and what activities it is used for?
  7. The overall condition of the tractor (engine compartment, appearance of tires or body parts, condition of PTO shaft and hydraulic, etc.) is good

Which Is The Best Used Tractor For Home Use?

If you are searching for a used tractor online, considering the agricultural jobs for which you will be using it is most important. Will you use it for a single task (like mowing, plowing, or transporting) or for all? Also, you might consider a tractor that will serve your home uses. In that case, compact tractors work the best.

How Much Should I Pay For a Used Tractor?

While buying an agricultural tractor online is a great investment, a lot of variables determine how much you should invest in a used tractor. These factors help you determine whether the price you are paying for it is worthwhile.

  • Do you need a two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle?
  • What is the horsepower you need?
  • What particular tractor type you are looking for?
  • How many hours the tractor has been used already?
  • How many hours do you expect the tractor to use in the future?

How Do I Find Used Tractors For Sale?

To find and buy a tractor online, County Line Tractor is your ideal destination because we have the largest inventory of top-quality used agricultural tractors for sale. Check through our diverse collection of tractors and find the most suitable used tractor depending on your needs and specifications for the vehicle.

We list a wide range of good-condition old tractors for sale at cheap prices. With us, you do not have to worry about affordability! To find the best quality tractors at lower costs, we are the ideal and trusted marketplace in USA and Canada.


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