Used Road Roller For Sale

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This second hand Hamm DV90 i VO-S Roller roller is directly available. The TCD 3.6 L4 motor has 101 horse power. 791 hours have ..

Buy Used Road Rollers For Sale

At County Line Tractor, we assure these in our collection of used land rollers for sale. We are a trusted marketplace for buying and selling construction equipment as well as farming equipment. We assure you that our road rollers are in fine condition and have slower depreciation and longer durability.

What is a Road Roller?

A road roller is a heavy-machine vehicle that is primarily used for road construction projects. It is engineered to be a compactor-type vehicle that uniformly compresses and levels the materials on the road surface such as gravel, dirt, asphalt, or concrete. It is also used for foundation work in airports or ports, as well as in agricultural lands.

If you are looking for a road roller for sale, check out the thoroughly reviewed and sophisticated equipment collection at County Line Tractor. We are the best go-to destination for buyers to find and buy road roller in USA and Canada.

What is Roller Compaction?

Roller compaction is the mechanism that road rollers apply to force the ground powders between the counter-rotating rolls and press the raw materials into the compact i.e., sheets or stripes.

Roller compaction is typically a part of the process of dry granulation where fine powders containing multiple ingredients are accumulated to form a solid mass compact.

Features of a Road Roller

To choose a used road roller for sale, first, know about the crucial attachments or features that it comes with. To get the right roller equipment, make sure each of them is tested and verified to be in good condition by the retailer.

  • Drums
  • Vibrating roller drums for additional compaction
  • Sprinkler tanks
  • Hydraulic transmissions

What are The Different Types of Road Rollers?

With a wide variety of road rollers available, you need to know which one is a practical choice for your road project or foundation project. Here are the various types of land rollers for sale:

  1. Single drum roller
  2. Double drum roller
  3. Cylinder roller
  4. Rubber-tired roller
  5. Vibratory roller
  6. Smooth-wheeled roller
  7. Tamping roller


If you are looking for a used vibratory roller, smooth drum roller, or double drum for sale, County Line Tractor has the best quality equipment for you that can maximize your output.

Buying Guide for Used Road Rollers at Second Hand Market

Road rollers are cost-efficient options for all types of construction projects and landfill compaction works. To buy a used roller for sale from a second-hand market, you have to be a little more thoughtful and pick the equipment after evaluating numerous factors.

Expert tips for you to buy road rollers online in USA or Canada that are second-hand equipment.

  • Check the articulation to ensure the joint condition is perfect
  • Find whether the roller compactor is air cooled
  • Check for cracks in the cylinder head or problems of excessive oil consumption
  • Check the drum
  • Inspect the condition of the tires
  • Inspect the hydraulic system
  • Check the operator’s cabin
  • Evaluate the condition of the exterior parts
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