Used Grader Machine For Sale

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This Zoomlion PY190B 6X4 grader is directly available. The QSB6.7 motor has 196 horse power.Next to that, this construction machine has working lights and ..
This XCMG GR215 6X4 grader is directly available. The 6CTA8.3-C215 motor has 218 horse power. In addition, this machine has working lights. Furthermore, this ..

Buy Used Motor Graders For Sale

Used motor graders have a distinct advantage! They are well-maintained by the owners for reselling purposes and function just like a new grader. But, they cost you very less. At County Line Tractor, you get the best collection of used grader machine for sale without compromising on quality and reliability.

To buy a motor grader machine in the USA that gives you similar benefits and performance to a premium-quality new grader in diverse construction activities, check out our collection of graders and request a quote!

About Motor Graders

Motor graders, also known as road graders are heavy construction equipment with a long blade that is used for flattening road surfaces. Used in grading processes, it is technically a self-propelled vehicle with an adjustable blade running from its front to rear axles.

With widespread uses in road construction, they are widely demanded equipment. If you are in the construction business and need to optimize the costs of your equipment, buy from our collection of used grader machine for sale in USA and Canada.

Motor Grader Applications

A motor grader is used for multiple purposes in construction and other activities like mining, agriculture, landscaping, and snow removal.

In construction, it has widespread applications or uses such as leveling of soil in road construction, creating inclines, scratching and spreading materials, earthmoving, trenching and ditching for draining construction, and mixing materials.

Motor Grader Features

To buy road graders online, construction contractors need to look for advanced features that ensure they will perform excellently. You should also ensure that it has sustainability enhancements and the given features:

  • Rippers
  • V-plows
  • Straight front blades
  • Tire chains
  • Intuitive joystick controls
  • Advanced cab for operator comfort
  • Hydraulic lockout
  • Efficient steering control
  • The braking system for safety reasons

Technologies Used in Graders

Whether you buy a new or used compact motor grader machine, make sure that it is integrated with the state-of-the-art technologies in each part and so performs optimally during its entire lifespan.

  • CAT Engine for consistent power and enhanced productivity.
  • Emissions reduction technology such as Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).
  • Drawbar-Circle-Moldboard for ease of service.
  • Power train for enhanced control and greater power to the ground.
  • Electro-hydraulic joysticks, electronic throttle control, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system for the operator station or cab.
  • Load sensing hydraulics, blade float, and independent oil supply for machine control.
  • CAT technologies to enhance job site activities and ease of equipment management.

How Do You Transport A Motor Grader?

Transportation of a compact motor grader must be done with special care. You need to double-check that all attachments of the machine, work tools, and accessories are lowered before transportation so that they are secured. Various components like articulation points, brakes, and doors must be locked.

What Can You Do With A Motor Grader?

Buy from our collection of used grader machine for sale to do a range of activities on your construction sites, road projects, or farmlands. Some of the common tasks that a motor grader does are:

  • Build road tracks with gravel or dirt
  • Properly grade the gravel roads to make them free of potholes
  • Basic ground leveling
  • Dig and carve canal bank
  • Grade haul roads for mining purposes
  • Create drainage ditches or windrows in farmlands
  • Create terrace slopes for farms or large gardens
  • Clear snow from roads

How Much Fuel Does A Grader Use Per Hour?

It depends specifically on the engine model and CAT technology used in the grader. Most modern and quality motor grader consumes approximately between 3.5 and 6.5 gallons of fuel per hour. The consumption of fuel per hour increases for a larger model.

How Much Do Graders Weigh?

Depending on the size of the grader machine, the length of the blade, and other attachments the weight of the motor grader vary between 20,000 pounds and 45,000 pounds. Choose and buy compact motor grader machine in USA wisely according to your job to ensure ease of handling later on.

What Are Some Common Features Of Heavy Equipment Graders?

To buy used grader machine online, learn about the different-sized graders including mini motor graders and heavy equipment graders. The latter should have the following key features.

  • Fuel and hydraulic tank
  • Engine assembly
  • Ripper assembly
  • Heavy-duty rear twin axles
  • Heavy-duty front axle
  • Adjustable blade
  • Comfortable cab
  • Front and rear glass
  • Main frame
  • Traction frame
  • Loader bucket cylinder

How Can You Choose Among Various Used Motor Graders for Sale?

To buy compact motor grader machine in Canada or USA among the various types available, check these crucial aspects.

  1. The scale of your operations
  2. Power of the engine
  3. Condition of the frame
  4. The circle is properly aligned
  5. The flexibility of the moldboard
  6. Hydraulic system
  7. A trusted brand that has a name in the industry
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