Used Combine Harvester For Sale 

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Buy Used Combine Harvester For Sale

To find a high-quality used combine harvester for sale, look no further than County Line Tractor. Through careful inspections, we ensure our combine harvesters are in top-notch condition and have higher engine hours.

Our combine harvesters ensure to perform with maximum efficiency helping you to improve your profitability.

What is a Combine Harvester?

A combine harvester is a revolutionary invention that made large-scale agricultural activities faster and more cost-efficient for farmers. This is a specific vehicle machine that combines the three crucial tasks of harvesting into one process – reaping, threshing, and winnowing.

When farmers use the combine harvester for harvesting crops, it cuts down a lot of manual work and saves time. This in turn raises their agricultural productivity, sales, and profitability.

History of Combine Harvesters

If you are searching for a used combine harvester for sale, know in brief how it originated and came into existence as necessary farming equipment.

The combine harvester was first designed in the early 1800s by Patrick Bell as a basic design bell machine. Later on, in the year 1835, Hiram Moore in the USA came up with the first combine harvester that was to be used for harvesting cereal grains. They were then pulled by animals like horses or mules.

A few years later, the combine harvester was integrated with the steam engine by George Stockton Berry to replace the animals.

The self-propelled harvesters were introduced much later in 1911 by the Holt Manufacturing Company of California. These are still in use with advanced designs and powered by diesel or gasoline engines.

Technologies Used In Combine Harvesters

Considering the three crucial tasks of harvesting that a combine harvester is assigned to perform, these are the technologies used in manufacturing a combine harvester.

  • Threshing technology
  • Hybrid harvesters
  • Sensing and automation
  • Automated speed adjuster

Different Systems of Harvester’s Threshers

If you want to buy combine harvester online, learn about the three main systems of combine harvester’s threshers that are used today by most farmers across the world.

1. Self-propelled:

These are the standard type wheeled harvester’s threshers best for agricultural lands with hard soil.

2. Tractor mounted:

As the name suggests, they are pulled by a tractor that is mounted on its top. It is suitable for extensive farming or land with loose soil.

3. Track:

These have tracks but not wheels and hence are used in wet areas where wheels can be bogged down.

Accessories for Combine Harvester

There are nearly two dozen accessories that made up a combine harvester and are responsible for making it efficient in a wide range of tasks. Some of the crucial ones are:

  • Header
  • Reel
  • Sieves
  • Grain tank
  • Rotating blades
  • Belts
  • Layers
  • Wheels
  • Tailboard
  • Shaker
  • Return conveyor
  • Grain elevator
  • Grain containers, and many more

Choosing the Right Size of Combine Harvester

To decide on the right-sized combine harvester, there is one key rule- the capacity of the combine harvester should not be more than the capacity of the grain header.

The gathering system is a vital part of determining the use and efficiency of the harvester. So, you need to choose the header more precisely to lower your losses.

Some of the common gathering systems are augers, drapers, stripper heads, and windrows.

Operational Hours of Combine Harvester

The average working time or operational hours of a combine harvester is found to be 618 hours. This must be a criterion while selecting a harvester to ensure higher uptime and optimal performance.

Why Are Combine Harvesters Essential for Farming?

Being a greatly versatile machine, a combine harvester is a prerequisite today for farming, especially for commercial farming. Here’re the reasons a used combine harvester for sale will be beneficial for your farming.

  • Allows you to complete the harvesting time as fast as possible
  • Reduces the need for the human laborer and saves substantial costs
  • Compatible with harvesting various types of cereals or crops
  • Helps in timely harvesting which prevents crop damage due to unseasonal rains, floods, and other natural calamities
  • The quality of grains is comparatively better than manually harvested grains

How Much is a Combine Harvester Used?

Combine harvesters are used for doing various tasks of agricultural activities including reaping, threshing, etc. fast.

Being efficient and multipurpose equipment, it helps farmers enhance the scale of production and increase profitability while reducing manpower and costs.

With various advanced forms of combined harvesters available, farmers of all types can produce cleaner and quality grains, and reduce crop loss regardless of the type of crops or size of the lands.

What is the Lifespan of a Combine Harvester?

A well-engineered and well-maintained combine harvester has an average life span of 17 years even if it has 4-5 owners in different phases of lifespan.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Combine Harvester?

If you are planning to buy used combine harvester in USA, check each of these decisive factors:

  1. Right and manageable size according to the scale of your operation
  2. Focus on the hours that it has run earlier instead of acres
  3. No signs of damage or wear and tear
  4. Flexibility in operations i.e. combine harvester is comfortable in different harvesting conditions

How Many Hours Will a Combine Last?

Typically, a combine harvester has 4000-5000 engine hours, considering that it depreciates at a slower rate over time.

If you want to estimate the total life span of a used combine harvester, machine condition along with hours need to be considered.

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