Used Bulldozer For Sale

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This second hand Liebherr PR 726 LGP Track bulldozer is directly available. The D934 motor has 163 horse power. 1,595 hours have been read ..

Buy Used Bulldozer For Sale

Check our range of used bulldozer for sale in USA or Canada to pick the right one needed for your job. Get the benefits of this powerful, easy-to-use, and versatile equipment at an affordable rate.

We provide a range of quality yet cheap dozers for sale while assuring higher energy efficiency and perfect condition of the equipment. We ensure that by doing a thorough inspection before listing them.

About Dozers

Bulldozers or simply called Dozers are power earthmoving machines that are used for pushing, digging, and leveling the soil and rock debris in construction sites. They are attached with a huge blade in the front that works as push equipment.

To find an efficient and new-in-condition used bulldozer for sale, County Line Tractor is the right stop for you.

Types of Dozers

Depending on the size and features, bulldozers can be classified as:

1. Crawler bulldozer

suitable for hard and irregular surfaces

2. Wheel bulldozer

suitable for leveling activities in grounds, water parks, etc.

3. Mini bulldozer

suitable for snow removal, driveways, and smaller clearing projects.

You can find crawlers, wheels as well as a mini bulldozer for sale listed in Country Line Tractor.

What Are The Sizes of Crawler Dozers?

To buy used dozers for sale, know to choose the right size for your project that is easy to maneuver. Here are the three sizes you should consider.

1. Small dozer

Used for removing smaller chunks of materials, rocks, residential debris, tree stumps

2. Mid-sized dozer

Used for diverse activities in usual construction sites

3. Large-sized dozer

Used for huge-scale construction projects

What Features are Available In a Bulldozer?

To buy used bulldozer online in USA, make sure that its primary features are in healthy condition. The features that constitute a dozer are:

  • Blade
  • Cab
  • Engine
  • Ripper
  • Tracks and tires

Picking the Right Bulldozer for Sale

If you are looking for used farm bull dozers for sale or caterpillar dozers for sale for a particular job, know the factors to evaluate to choose the right equipment and prevent losing your money.

To pick the right used bulldozer for sale, consider:

  1. The job for which you need it
  2. Size and activities in your construction site
  3. Budget
  4. The latest features
  5. Equipment safety
  6. Records of maintenance

New vs. Used Dozer

While you can buy a new bulldozer for your job in you have enough budget, a used bulldozer that still looks new and serves with the same efficiency is a viable option when your budget is tight.

While with a new dozer you get benefits like the latest engineering and technology, comprehensive warranty, and lower short-term maintenance costs, a used dozer has unique advantages.

  • Meet all your needs within a lower budget
  • Well-maintained and comes with no potential depreciation costs
  • Inspected and assured of quality parts when it is sold by the trusted retailer

Application and Benefits of Bulldozers

Learn about the widespread applications of bulldozers, before you look for the used small bulldozers for sale at County Line Tractor. They are specifically used for:

  • Rough grading
  • Spreading soil and debris to make the surface even
  • Short-distance transportation
  • Removing trees after cutting
  • Shallow digging and ditching
  • Removing boulders and stumps
  • Cleaning and leveling ground
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