Used Articulated Dumpers For Sale

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This second hand Volvo A40D 6X6 articulated dumper is directly available. The D12D ABE2 motor has 420 horse power. 18,209 hours have been read ..

Used Articulated Dumpers For Sale

County Line Tractor hauls a wide spectrum of articulated dumper for its customers. The availability of simple operations and comfortable designs are efficient in providing you with high-end services within your budget. Explore the used articulated dump trucks for sale with us and pick the best design that suits your requirements.

History Of Articulated Dump Trucks

Buy Articulated Dumper in Canada with County Line Tractor and explore the amazing services of these vehicles. Although it had earned the reputation of a dump truck, the history of articulated dump trucks is nothing related to this sector!

The concept of these articulated dump trucks dates back to around the 1950s in Essex, England. A farmer of the region, named Ernest Doe bought two Fordson tractors and removed the front axles of both vehicles. He then connected the front end of one tractor with the back end of another, with the use of a hydraulic turntable. It was a double-powered tractor. It was called the Doe Triple D (Doe Dual Drive) tractor.

It was in the late 1950s, around 1957 when a Yorkshire English company, known as Northfield, designed the prototype of a two-axle hauler that had the power to swing 180 degrees around its mid-body. In 1960, the company introduced the used dump trucks for sale, which were capable of launching 12 tons of material. But it lacked the feature of being a four-wheel drive.

Volvo was the first company that introduced the four-wheel-drive articulated dump truck! It was conceptualized in 1966 and entered the market in 1968. Since then, the market for articulated dump trucks for sale has grown to full size. With advanced technologies, the market has now been introduced to quality and advanced articulated dump trucks, which are available for sale.

Types Of Dump Trucks

There are different types of dump trucks available to cater to your varied needs and demands. Let us give you an idea of the different types of dump trucks that you can choose from:

Off-road dump trucks, which have an average capacity of 30+ tons

  • Articulated dump trucks
  • Rigid haul trucks

On-road dump trucks, which have an average capacity of 20-30 tons

  • Standard dump truck
  • Superdump truck
  • Transfer dump truck
  • Truck and pup
  • Winter service vehicles

Check out your requirements and order the dump truck that meets your needs. We are here to help you with your purchase and give you complete after-purchase support.

Buy And Sell Used Articulated Dumpers At County Line Tractor

Buy Articulated Dumper in USA with County Line Tractor and explore the amazing benefits of this unique and powerful vehicle. Being a large heavy-duty type of dump truck, these trucks help to transport loads over different types of terrain, and sometimes even on public roads.

A wide range of used dump trucks for sale are available with us. People from all across the USA can buy and sell used dump trucks with us. You can share your requirements with us and let our team help you with the best service!

Know More About Articulated Dump Trucks At County Line Tractor

County Line Tractor is the best marketplace for all kinds of farm and heavy equipment. It is the platform that allows you to meet your requirement within your budget. We are your logistics solutions provider in USA and Canada.

With our experienced and skilled team of farm machinery experts, we understand every aspect of an articulated dump truck. If you are willing to know more before deciding to buy an articulated dump truck online, then connect with us today!

Advantages Of An Articulated Dump Truck

The incredible design evolution of the articulated dump truck for sale is remarkable. At County Line Tractor, we help you to buy an articulated dump truck or put your articulated dump truck for sale, without any hassles. However, we also help you to understand the advantages of these trucks, which include:

  • Much tighter turning radius than a traditional rigid dump truck.
  • Used articulated dump trucks for sale allow you to operate with improved maneuverability.
  • Buy articulated dump truck to enhance the safety of your drivers.
  • Used dump trucks help you to use them for different industries and job site requirements.
  • Your off-road capabilities and performance heightened with an articulated dump truck for sale.

Primary Uses Of Articulated Dumpers

Used Articulated dump trucks for sale available with County Line Tractors are best used for any kind of heavy services, including hauling, moving, and dumping materials. These trucks are also capable of providing you with the ability to operate on rough terrains and cater to your clients within and beyond USA without any problem.

While transporting, moving, or dumping are its major functions, the trucks are also used by replacing the trailer with a water tank during dry days, when the dust becomes a safety hazard in several regions.

What Are The Brands Of Used Articulated Dump Trucks For Sale At County Line Tractor?

At County Line Tractor, we bring to you a wide range of used dump trucks for sale that allows you to experience the high-end solutions that you can enjoy through the use of this heavy machinery. The popular brands of used dump trucks for sale, available with us, include the following:

Choosing A Used Articulated Dump Truck

We believe in delivering our customers a complete solution for meeting their farm and heavy machinery demands. Being a complicated machine, used articulated dump truck, requires you to check several factors that impact the value and durability of the machine. Let us give you a good and complete checklist based on which you should choose the used dump trucks for sale.

  • Check if there is excessive play in the hinge pins.
  • Find out the retarder on the used articulated dump truck and also if it is working.
  • Ask the owner if the machine was ever overloaded at any point.
  • Check under the hood to know the maintenance of the used dump trucks.
  • Find out how many hours the machine has travelled, the greater the hours the
  • higher the chances to rebuild worn components.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Articulated Dump Truck

If you are planning to buy an articulated dump truck online, then you need to consider the following things, which ensure that you have invested wisely:

1. Capacity you require

Before you make your decision to purchase the high-end articulated dump truck for sale, you need to consider the capacity of the heavy machinery that you need. Purchasing too small dump tuck might result in inefficiency, while too large might be costly for you!

2. Automatic or manual transmission

Buy Articulated Dumper in Canada as it provides you with exclusive solutions to meet your transportation needs. Used dump trucks at County Line Tractor are available in both manual and automatic transmissions. Select the one that you need. The manual ones are good for companies that need more gear options, while the automatic ones are expensive and more friendly to inexperienced drivers.

3. Storage requirements

Consider whether or not you are looking for heavy machinery with storage requirements. Check out if your used articulated dump truck has toolboxes included within the machine. If you consider storage to be a mandatory requirement for your truck purchase, mention it to our team.

4. Customization

When you buy articulated dump truck with County Line Tractor, you get the opportunity to add customized features to the truck during the time of maintenance. If you wish to give your truck a personalized finish, do consider this for your next purchase.

How Can You Buy Used Articulated Dump Trucks From County Line Tractor?

Connect with County Line Tractor and share your requirements with us to buy articulated dump trucks online. We help you to get used dump trucks to easily transport heavy materials. It is your one go-to piece of equipment and we make sure you get to buy articulated dumper in Canada without any hassle!

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